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Graduate Program Courses

Microfluidics for Synthetic Biology (3 MSU) - Period: TBD

    Introduction, Implementation, and Real-life Applications 

Advanced Microfluidics (3 MSU) - Period: TBD

   Simulation, Design, Fabrication, Integration, and Automation Technologies

High-throughput Screening Techniques (3 MSU) - Period: TBD

   Basics in Bioengineering, DBTL, Wetware Design and Build Automation, HTS Applications

Online Courses & Useful Resources

Biosensors and Hardware Automation

link: tbd

uFs and Semiconductors Interface

link: tbd

STEM Pathways - Synthetic Biology Basics

Scientific papers & Tools on the topics:

  • cidar_tools
  • google_scholar
  • github-mark

Outreach Opportunities

- Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion -

Under Construction.

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