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Samuel Oliveira, PhD

OFFICE CILSE Building, 610 Commonwealth, Room 621, Boston, MA 02215


PHONE (857) 310-9593

WEBSITE Boston University


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Dr. Samuel Oliveira obtained his Ph.D. in Bioengineering and Computational Biology at Tampere University (Finland) and Postdoctoral training in Microfluidics and Automation at Boston University (BU).


He is a Research Assistant Professor and director of the Oliveira Lab (, a recent research group at BU that focuses on reprogramming synthetic microbial communities and engineering microfluidic platforms for in vivo high-throughput screening and point-of-care devices.


In addition, he is the Senior Manager of the Microfluidics Facility of the "Design, Automation, Manufacturing, and Processes" (DAMP) lab (, the Academic Bio-foundry of Boston University. Using the DAMP lab’s infrastructure, the Oliveira lab focuses on engineering microfluidic, microscopy-based automation platforms to increase the throughput and reproducibility of temporal dynamic microbial studies.

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