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Course 1: Microfluidics for Synthetic Biology 



1: Introduction to Microfluidics

2: Major Synthetic Biology Opportunities for Microfluidic Solutions

3: Microfluidic Fundamentals and Unit Operations

4: Implementing Microfluidic Setups to Study Biosystems

5: Existing Microfluidics Chips for Synthetic Biology

6: Microfluidic Design Tools and Challenges

7: Materials and Fabrication Methods for lab-on-a-chip devices

8: In-depth: Major examples of Biosensors Applications and Microfluidics Integration

9: In-depth: Hardware Automation Applications and Microfluidics Integration

10: Pushing the boundaries for Semiconductors and Microfluidics Integration

11: Challenges in Co-designing Biosystems and Microfluidics Solutions

12: Microfluidics Solutions: Accelerators, Competitions, Startups, and Industry


1: Demo: Testing Microfluidic Valves and Pumps using Multi-layer chips

2: Reading groups: Fast-prototyping Fabrication Equipment and Infrastructure (SLA, Injection Molding, 3D printing, CNC-milling, Laser-cutters)

3: Demo: Cleanroom Equipment and Protocols

4: Visit: Bringing a Research Lab to Present their Experience

5: Demo: Testing Thermoplastics Droplets and droplet-based fluidics

6: Reading groups: Organs-on-chip Chips and Applications

7: Visit: Bringing a Microfluidics Company to Present their Experience

8: Demo: Testing Microfluidic chips integrated with Semiconductors and Electrodes Systems 

9: Reading groups: Co-designing Biosystems and Microfluidics Solutions

10: Hands-on: Pitch Competition Preparation


3 MSU -> 3h/w -> 1h Lecture/week + 2h Labs/week

12 Lectures + 10 Labs -> 22 Interactions

Full semester (14 weeks): 12 weeks + Midterms + Projects

Score - 0-100 points:

  • 5% Attendance

  • 10% Quizzes (once/week) 

  • 30% Assignments (Lab reports)

  • 15% Mid-term Exam (half-semester)

  • 40% Final Projects (end-semester) -> Total 100%

5% BONUS Scores During Lab Sessions (Extra work)

Course Materials

  • Open-source scientific papers (TBI)

  • Free/Accessible Textbooks (TBI)

Final Grade Range (90-100->A, etc. - subject to change)

Late Policy (10% off a grade per delayed day)

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